Travel from Delhi to Dehradun in Just 2.5 Hours


Delhi will soon have a new weekend getaway in the vicinity. A new expressway between Delhi and Dehradun is all set to join the bandwagon of the latest expressways across India. The development of this elevated expressway is likely to bring down the interval between these two cities from about 250 kilometres to just 180 kilometres. The duration of the drive will also shrink to just 2.5 hours.

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Major Reduction in Distance and Time

Well, with Dehradun closer than ever, you’ve got another quaint gem resting in the lap of nature awaiting your arrival on weekends! Local bazaars, stunning museums, myriad beautiful cafes, combined with Dehradun’s good weather and cosy vibes are ideal to unwind, away from the city’s chaos. The news of becoming a new neighbour is already making the traveller community glad and soon, tourism in both the cities is expected to grow significantly.

Project Time?

The project will be executed in 3 phases, in which the 1st phase will be 31.2 km long connecting Akshardham to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. The 2nd phase, which happens to be the biggest of them all, will connect Eastern Peripheral Expressway and Saharanpur and will be 118 km long. The last phase of 20.7 km will connect Ganeshpur to Dehradun. Although this project might take more than a couple of years to be accessible by the public it is still a very big step towards a mighty initiative. So, no more taking shifts during a 5-hour cumbersome drive, worrying about distance or days and days of planning, Rather welcome the swift and impulsive fun weekend getaway.




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